Support rock climbing at Devil’s Lake and Gov. Dodge!

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Do you climb Devil’s Lake or Governor Dodge? This fourth year of the Century Climbing Challenge brings even more opportunities to connect with other climbers and enjoy exclusive benefits (such as free camping, free gear and free beer)!

Because of climbers just like you, the Challenge raised $2,100 in 2013 towards The Friends of Devil’s Lakeā€”that’s the charity attached to the State Park.

These donations help fund important conservation work at the lake, including trail and facilities maintenance. Currently, the park system is very underfunded. State budget allows little more than someone at the gate to check for vehicle passes, rent camping spaces and answer questions.

Climbers keep Devil’s Lake and Governor Dodge beautiful and accessible.

And the park trustees notice that it’s climbers taking up the slack.

Climbers stand out. They’re easy to see on the walls, and they’re doing something exciting that makes everyone look twice. Sometimes, people aren’t happy to notice us climbers.

By actively helping the park, we help protect access to the climbing walls we love. The park system and its rangers learn that we are their partners in preserving the lake.

Join the challenge today, and be counted as a steward of Wisconsin climbing.

View from the West Bluff of Devil's Lake

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  1. Erol

    You are right about the missing log at the trail at Brintons Buttress. The trail there will not last much longer.

  2. Erol

    Can we get the park to let us chainsaw a path through the downed tree at the base of the CCC trail?

    • Matthew

      Haha, that would be helpful. There’s one atop of the East Rampart on the CCC trail, as well, and it would be great to stop erosion at the base of Brinton’s by replacing that log.

      It is illegal for us to perform that work on our own, however, due to the type of conservancy for that land. I will pass our shared concern to the Friends of Devil’s Lake (the organization this Challenge benefits) to see if we can find out when the trail cleanup is scheduled.

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